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remarkable years
of history


ATHENS, 1926

The beginnings

Harilaos Vostantzoglou

It all began with our founder, Harilaos Vosantzoglou. Born right on the turn of the century, in 1900, Harilaos was known for his hard work and business drive. At the young age of 26, along with his brother, he founded the first textile factory in Greece producing trims and finishes.

The company’s first name is “Exelsior”. The factory is located in the down-town Athenian neighboorhood of Kato Petralona.


Innovation & Growth

The factory grows in skills, machinery and employees. New wooden looms are brought in from Germany and France, along with new techniques in the production of elastic tapes from Italy.


New employees are recruited continuously. The factory reaches a workforce of 100 workers, establishing it as one of the four leading industries in the area, along with the historic “Pavlidis Chocolate”, “Papadopoulou Biscuits” and “Palco Underwear”.



Rebuilding & Recognition


A new floor is built above the main factory, in order to house new machinery for the production of new products.

Primeminister Mr. Sofoklis Venizelos visits the new factory, along with members of his cabinet.


1960s – 70s

A new era begins

George Vostantzoglou

The company, under the administration of Georgios Vostantzoglou, son of Harilaos, moves to it’s new headquartes in Peristeri, Athens.

A new era of automation is ushered in. All the old wooden shuttle looms are replaced with new technology shuttless looms.


1980s – 90s

Fashion, expos & more


The company becomes more and more involved in the fashion industry, producing trims and finishes for clothing and accessories.

During these years, it evovles into an outgoing fashion company, taking part in international expos and looking to the future.


Becoming international

Gerasimos and Harilaos Vostantzoglou Jr

The company changes its name to “Vostex” and enters its new cosmopolitan era at the hands of its new owners, Gerasimos and Harilaos, sons of Georgios Vostantzoglou and grandsons of the founder, Harilaos.

2008 marks the year of the company’s first participation in the international Parisian expo, “Modamont – Premier Vision”. Since then business soars and Vostex becomes a regular exhibitor in fashion expos across the globe, in France, Italy, Germany, London, New York, Spain and Russia.


By the end of 2010, over 70% of the company’s business comes from its international sales.


A modern company

The last decade has brought a series of transformations for Vostex. It moves to a brand new space in Metamorfosi, Athens, retaining the old Peristeri factory as a warehouse and distribution center. The new building houses a beautifully decorated showroom and management offices.


In 2018, a new production space is created in a newly bought building in Lykovrysi. New machinery is added to the production and line and another showroom opens in Thessaloniki to cater for the region’s large exporting industries.


The company’s digital transformation is evident in the creation of the innovative B2B shopping platform, where clients can order and view live stock and prices for 15.000 products, while fully managing their account.


Towards the end of the decade, the B2C eshop is also launched, catering to DIYers and small business across Europe and the world.


In 2019 the international network is expanded across Europe, the United States and Russia. Shop-in-shops are opened in Germany and a new showroom in Amsterdam.

Today & Tomorrow

Being responsible for the environment, our priority is to use more renewable energy sources. First steps already made as our production facilities are already using solar power. In addition, we strive to use as many environmentally friendly materials as possible in our products, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

A major goal is to make our products as accessible to the consumer as possible through our showrooms, B2B and B2C platforms and also in more stores around the world.

Also something that is very important for us is to constantly create new and innovative products and new designs to offer to our customers.

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