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Our philosophy in VOSTEX is to embrace all kinds of sustainable and ethical alternatives in raw materials starting from low impact dyes to recycled polyester, organic cotton and blends of both. Since the early days we have been strong advocates of SLOW FASHION working on every step of the way with our clients’ wishes and vision, without compromising the premium quality of our products that are timeless. The environmental perspective is our top priority by

implementing efficient manufacturing techniques as energy- saving alternatives and rigorous recycling have always been very seriously considered in order to reduce VOSTEX’s carbon footprint. Last but not least, all VOSTEX products are equally distributed through a global sales network and exclusively on the online platforms B2B and B2C that give to any potential client access to our stock, thus contributing to our Zero-Waste Policy.


Organic Cotton

A large variety of ribbons and tapes are made with organic cotton, which has grown without the use of any pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, its farming requires 88% less water, and 62% less energy than traditional cotton.


Recycled polyester

Also known as rPET, it is obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber, which is largely used by VOSTEX in a wide range of colors to turn our already existing patterns into eco-friendly products.


Zero waste policy

VOSTEX has always used a rigorous Zero-Waste Policy, starting by the fact that no water is used in any step of the production and a very prudent and calculated approach defines our production line. Most of our products are made upon demand, which means that we know exactly how many meters we need to manufacture beforehand.

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