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Vostex Unboxed: Exploring the Magic Inside Our Mystery Boxes


At Vostex, we believe in adding a touch of mystery to your creative journey. Our Mystery Box is a carefully curated assortment of treasures, containing a delightful mix of ribbons, tapes, elastics, ribs, and more – approximately 50 pieces in total. It’s a surprise waiting to unfold, promising endless possibilities for your next crafting endeavour.

Why choose our Mystery Box?

Curated Creativity

Our team handpicks a diverse selection of high-quality ribbons, tapes, elastics, and ribs, ensuring a mix that sparks your creativity.

Variety in Every Box

No two Mystery Boxes are the same! Enjoy the thrill of discovering an eclectic assortment of colours, patterns, and textures with each box.

Cost-Effective Crafting

Indulge in your passion for crafting without breaking the bank. Our Mystery Box offers a cost-effective way to expand your collection.

Perfect for Surprises

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, the Mystery Box adds an element of surprise to your creative process. It’s an ideal gift for yourself or a fellow crafting enthusiast.

How it works

Order Your Box

Go to the Mystery Box product page and place your order.

Unbox Creativity

Receive your Mystery Box and embark on a creative adventure. Unbox to reveal a plethora of ribbons, tapes, elastics, ribs, and more!

Share Your Creations

We love to see what you create! Share your masterpieces on social media using #madewithvostex, and join a community of passionate crafters.

Crafting just got a whole lot more exciting with Vostex’s Mystery Boxes. Order yours today and unwrap the magic of limitless creativity!

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